BlackBerry Bold 9788 - Map options

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Map options

Keep backlighting on when you track your movement

By default, backlighting turns off automatically after a specified time to conserve battery power. You can change your map
options so that backlighting remains on when you track your movement unless the battery power level drops below a specified
1. On the Home screen, click the Maps icon.
2. On a map, press the

key > Options.

3. Change the Backlight Timeout When Battery Level field.
4. Press the

key > Save.

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Set the GPS receiver that you use to track your movement

To perform this task, if you don't have an internal GPS receiver, you must pair your BlackBerry® device with a Bluetooth®

enabled GPS receiver.

1. On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon.
2. Click Device > Location Settings.
3. Change the GPS Data Source field.
4. Press the

key > Save.